Being a cookie baker myself, I like to use scribes to pop all the annoying royal icing bubbles and it helps me distribute the icing to where I want.

My Bakery Beginnings
Like most young bakers I got my start baking and decorating Christmas cookies each year with my mother. I wish to dedicate this biography and my bakery supply business to her memory, for she sadly passed away in June 2020 from the affects of cancer. She was an amazing human being and most importantly an incredible mother. My early years were spent decorating cookies with mom using crude, yet easily found and inexpensive, decorating items like sprinkles and candy from the penny store. I was one of eight children and family finances didn’t allow for much else.
As I grew older and became a mother myself, to 3 beautiful girls, I would often spend afternoons in the kitchen baking cutouts and teaching my kids how to decorate their own. Over time I began perfecting not just my dough mix, but more importantly my decorating skills. When invited to cookouts and family events I would always bring a plate of cookies to share, often decorated in the theme of the event. As word spread in our rural farm community, I began receiving requests for decorated cookies for birthday parties, graduations, and holiday events. Taking those small lessons that I learned from my mother I stayed true to being a mother first and just did small orders locally for people I knew, never really forming a business out of creating and decorating a cookie.
My girls are grown now and raising their own children. The fun this ‘Mimi’ has when the grandkids come to my kitchen, dawn an apron that I've made for each, and pull up a stool to the counter to help create their own masterpieces, is priceless. Yet this phase of life has allowed my husband and I the time to start a true cookie business, which has organically blossomed into something beyond my dreams. I am focused on encouraging other cookie creators and providing them the teachings and supplies to do great things. I pray that you enjoy our online store and encourage you to reach out to me with any requests.
Peg….the Cookie Artist.

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